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About Eglė+ 

Eglė+ is the newest complex of the Medical Spa Eglės Sanatorija. It is a separate complex housing residential facilities, individual treatment centres, leisure facilities, and a canteen under one roof.

The new Complex Eglė+ can accommodate up to 300 people at the same time. The five-storey building holds 100 modern double rooms and 50 single rooms, and there are 20 suites on the top floors; there are also rooms available for the disabled. The same building has a new treatment centre, restaurant, conference and concert hall and a winter garden. The Medical Spa Eglės Sanatorija devotes special attention to therapeutic and rehabilitative procedures. We are therefore especially pleased with our new treatment centre. Here we offer about 80 treatment procedures and 60 other types of services.

The new treatment centre has well equipped modern mineral water baths, underwater massage equipment, areas for procedures with white mud and the beauty centre offering special face and full body procedures. There are also nine different types of bathhouses, a 25 meter long mineral water swimming pool, mineral water whirlpool baths and vertical baths, as well as many other equipment. Guests preferring an active leisure will be able to exercise in the newest fitness and gymnastics halls and play squash.

The Medical Spa Eglės Sanatorija takes pride in its large and qualified personnel team, who will do anything to make your stay or treatment beneficial and enjoyable.

We will surround you with care, take away all the domestic problems and try to help you regain your energy, to restore or to strengthen your health, so that after your stay or treatment at the medical spa you will feel healthier, have higher capacities, be fitter and full of energy.

The Medical Spa Eglės Sanatorija, which Eglė+ is a part of, was established in 1972. During the Soviet regime the medical spa was experiencing rapid growth as its infrastructure was adopted to provide massive treatment to the people of the large Soviet nation. Today Medical Spa Eglės Sanatorija is the largest medical spa not only in Lithuania, but the entire Eastern Europe as well.

The sanatorium and therapeutic services offered by Medical Spa Eglės Sanatorija are certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania.